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Xhorse VVDI 754J Smart Key for Audi 315/433/868MHZ A6L Q5 A4L A8L

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  • Weight: 60g
$ 36.00$ 26.80 / piece
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    K03039-315MHZ K03039-433MHZ K03039-868MHZ

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    1000 items available

( 不可调频, 定频的)


1. It is compatible with new VVDI BCM2 Adapter with VVDI Key Tool Plus or VVDI2 +VVDI Prog.
2. PC Board with AD006 Version1.0
3. Vehicle List:


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  Read BCM2 data Sync data Read BCM2 data Sync data
A4L/A5/Q5 -2013 OBD No OBD/some need remove BCM2 No
A4L/A5/Q5 2013-2019 Xhorse BCM2 Adapter No VVDI BCM2 adapter No
A6L/A7/A8 -2013 OBD Obtain from working key OBD/some need remove BCM2 Obtain from third party
A6L/A7/A 2013-2019 OBD Obtain from working key VVDI BCM2 adapter Obtain from third party

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