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Motorola 9S12 Programmer

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  • Item No.: SE15 (A15001)
  • Weight: 210g
$ 89.00$ 75.00 / piece
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  • In circuit / on board EEPROM/FLASH programming
  • Communication with PC via a serial port
  • Win 32 control software including editor
  • High - Speed Programming
  • 80QFP, 112QFP and 144QFP programming adapters
  • Easy to use Windows 98/NT/2000/XP software

Supported Devices

68HC912DC128A (3K91D)
MC68HC912DC128 (0K50E)
MC68HC912DG128 (5H55W)
MC68HC912DG128A (3K91D)
MC68HC912DG128A (0K50E)
MC68HC912B32 (4J54E)
MC68HC912B32 (9H91F)
MC68HC912D60 (0K75F)
MC68HC912D60 (0K13J)
MC68HC912D60 (4F73K)
MC9S12D64 (2L86D)
MC9S12DG128B (OL85D)
MC9S12DT128B (OL85D)
MC9S12A128B (OL85D)
MC9S12DB128B (OL85D)
MC9S12DT128B (1L85D)
MC9S12H128 (1K78X)
MC9S12 DT128B (3L40K)
MC9S12DG256C (2K79X)
MC9S12DT256C (2K79X)
MC9S12DP256C (2K79X)
MC9S12H256 (1K78X)
MC9S12DP512 (1L00M)

Package Included

  1. one 9S12 programmer
  2. one HC912 QFP80 adapter
  3. one MC9S12 112QFP adapter
  4. one MC9S12 80QFP adaper
  5. one HC912 QFP112 adapter
  6. one MC9S12H256 144QFP adapter

Additional items you'll need to use this tool

  • Host: A 32 Bit x86 based or Pentium PC with a free LPT communication port.
  • Power supply: An 12 Volt / 500 mA power adapter.

Note: You may purchase a 12V power adapter in this site if you like.

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